Welcome to The Gap Netball Club

The Gap Netball Club welcomes all newcomers and netball lovers to join our inclusive community based club.

Delivering in 2024 - All Play Inclusion Program

As detailed in our Strategic Plan, The Gap Netball Club, are wholeheartedly committed to driving Inclusion, Diversity and Access to the game we love and be the leaders in increasing participation rates for community members in Netball, regardless of age or gender.

Earlier this year we were lucky enough to be the recipient of a Woolworths Pick Fresh Play Fresh Netball Grant and with this we have been enabled to deliver the 'All Play Inclusion Program'.

The program will be focused on 3 key projects for 2024 ...

* Boys in Netball
* Teens Social Netball
* New to Netball Net Set Go

To find out more about our upcoming projects access the All Play Program Guide click HERE!

All  Play  Inclusion  Info

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