Coaching Information

Experienced Coaches

If you are an experienced coach, you may be interested in completing the next levels of accreditation.


Further information about Accreditation levels can be found here:



Development accreditation is the next step up and is often recommended if you are interested in expanding your coaching knowledge and continuing to coach after 2 years of holding the Foundation accreditation.

There are two steps to complete this course:

·      Online theory component: $55

·      Face to Face workshop - approximately 5 hours: $66 

You will need to have completed the online component before you can register into a face to face workshop. Workshops are held throughout the year at different Associations and they fill up quickly, so make sure to register at one closest to you as soon as it becomes available.


The Gap will reimburse the cost of this course if you demonstrate an intention to continue coaching with us for at least 1 season after completing it. Email copies of your receipts to the Treasurer at and a copy of your completion certificate to the Coaching Convenors at



Intermediate is the next step up, and we recommend you have been coaching for at least 5 years before considering this option. This is mainly for Rep Netball coaches. Further information can be found at the above Netball Queensland site on accreditation.

Get in contact


We have a coach and manager Facebook page which is where we put most updates or additional information regarding coaching. It's also where we promote our skill specific sessions, along with the Gap Netball Facebook Page.


·      Join Coaching Facebook page - you will need to request to join as it is a private group: or search "Gap Netball - Coaches & Managers"

·      The Gap Netball Facebook page - give it a like!:



There have been several iterations of the coaching email address. We currently do not have access to most of them, so please make sure to email to get your question answered.



We are often floating around the courts on Saturdays so once you know our faces, come over and ask a question or have a chat.

Coaching Reimbursement levels

In 2021 The Gap Netball introduced a payment schedule for coaches to recognise the commitment coaching a team is.


·      Non-accredited – if you have not provided evidence to the Coaching Convenors of an accreditation or are not accredited: $100

·      Foundation accreditation: $200

·      Development accreditation: $400

·      Intermediate accreditation: $500

·      $100 bonus for each additional team coached


If the coach role is shared:

·      Co-coaches share the payment for their specific accreditation level

·      If co-coaches have different levels of accreditation, to split the higher level payment equally

·      Mentor and new coach pairings to be paid according to their level, separately


Coaches of self select teams will not be reimbursed by the club.


Payment will be made at the end of the season if an application form is returned to the Coaching Convenor within the requested timeframe (closing 30 September 2023)

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