Experienced Umpires

Junior Aossication Badge

To gain your Junior Association Badge in umpiring one must be able to confidently umpire and control an under 11’s- under 12’s Division 1 game. The umpire will be assessed by two other National C badged umpires. One of the assessors will be from another club and one from The Gap Netball Club.

* Umpires who take on extra games on Saturday will receive $5 extra per game umpired.

National C Badge

To gain your National C Badge the umpire must be assessed by members from the club. The Umpire Convenor will then apply to Downey Park Netball Association for a badging date. Downey Park Netball Association will form a panel and assess the umpire on a high ability game such as an Inters Division 1 game or an Opens Division 3 or above game. The umpire will be assessed over 4 x15 minute quarters.

* Umpires who take on extra games on Saturdays will receive $5 extra per game umpired.

Umpire Accreditation Courses:

Downey Park Netball Association - Draw Released
NSG Rules and Coaches Workshop - Downey Park
Coaches Development - Session Planning with Zac
DPNA Round 1 Fixtures
General Meeting #2 - The Gap Tavern
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