Experienced Umpires

Junior Assication Badge

To gain your Junior Association Badge in umpiring, one must be able to confidently umpire and control an under 12’s Division 1 game or 13 div 1/13 div 2 game. The umpire will be assessed by two other National B/C badged umpires. One of the assessors will be from another club and one from The Gap Netball Club.

* Umpires who take on extra games on Saturday will receive $5 extra per game umpired.

National C Badge

To gain your National C Badge the umpire must be assessed by members from the club. The Umpire Convenor will then apply to Downey Park Netball Association for a badging date. Downey Park Netball Association will form a panel and assess the umpire on a high ability game such as an Inters Division 1 game or an Opens Division 3 or above game. The umpire will be assessed over 4 x15 minute quarters.

* Umpires who take on extra games on Saturdays will receive $5 extra per game umpired.

Umpire Accreditation Courses:

Netball Rules Exam: course_purchase.php
Foundation Umpire Exam: view.php

There are also many development sessions coming up which would be great to attend. 

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Preseason Umpiring Opportunities

Over the last few years, the number of preseason events has increased and therefore these have now become paid at the hourly/per game rate for the appropriate level of badging achieved. The preseason events include the NSG fun day, DPNA 10/11years grading day and any further club events like an Inters/Opens Round Robin which allow the club to grade teams appropriately. New and inexperienced umpires are targeted for these days to allow for additional mentoring prior to fixtures therefore mentoring is provided. Where older players are involved the more experienced C Badged umpires are targeted for these events.

Finals Umpiring

During finals Downey Park are responsible for the allocation and payment of umpires to ensure appropriately experienced and confident umpires are provided. The Umpire Convenors are able to submit the names of umpires they feel are appropriate for consideration and assessment by DPNA. During finals rounds, the umpire convenor will still be at the courts to support. 

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Prehab Training Workshop - Inters Teams
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Gap Olympics - Trivia Night Extravaganza
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