Inters Pilot - 'Find a friend, Bring a friend'

At the Annual General Meeting held on the 28 November 2022, the committee approved the facilitation of a 12-month pilot of a social inters netball option for players aged 15 (turning 16 in 2023) and 19 years. The pilot aims to increase the engagement rate of teen girls in sport and netball more specifically.

Further details including a copy of the submission provided at the AGM is added below.

Following the conclusion of the 2023 season a review will be completed of the effectiveness of the approach and decision on continuation will be made at the next AGM.

2023 Season - Pilot Approach

Duration: 12 months (2023 season)

During the 2023 season we will have options for both competitive players and social players.

Players wishing to be selected in the top competitive division will register and grade as normal.

Players wishing to play socially in lower divisions can nominate a friend or a group of friends which they can be placed in a team with.

All players will be graded together for ease, however, post those sessions, graders will set teams, either with grading outcomes where competitive or social (grouping with their selected friends and those of similar ability) where requested.

Weekly team training will be set by the coach and players as agreed within the social teams, allowing players the flexibility to come and play for fun on Saturdays if that is all that the team wants to commit to, and therefore reducing dropout rates due to work and school commitments.

The club will run a squad style ‘skills training’ once a week on Thursday to accommodate players who want to train but can’t commit every week. This session will be open to all Inters players and will focus on fun, fitness and wellbeing.

The club recognises that the pilot will be a little messy in its first year and adjustments will be made as lessons are learned however we need to give an alternate option a go and hope to engage more teen girls in netball and the club.

The club will publicise the change via social media, advertising to current members and also via promotions at the local high schools.

A review of outcomes will be completed at the end of the season, with a recommendation for endorsing the ongoing approach being made to the executive along with any lessons learned and suggested changes.

A copy of the submission made to the AGM can be found here TGNC Inters - Bring a Friend Pilot 2023

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