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Getting Started

Thank you for expressing interest in umpiring for The Gap Netball Club. Umpiring is a great way to continue developing your understanding of the game. It increases your confidence and is an opportunity to make new friends in the club. New umpires must be at least 13 years old. They require a white shirt which you can purchase from the Gilbert link on this website. They also require a metal finger whistle to umpire with. To keep track of who’s center pass is it umpires should always have a hair tie or scrunchie on them whilst umpiring.

All umpires are required to umpire one session at the clubs grading. Beginner umpires are to umpire the under 11's or under 12's sessions. This is a great opportunity for new umpires to gain some experience and confidence in umpiring before taking the court at Downey Park Netball Association on Saturdays. If possible, new umpires are encouraged to attend two sessions to ensure they have received enough training to feel confident taking control of a game. 

Before taking the court to umpire all new umpires must complete an online examination and receive a 70% score or above. All netball courses on Netball Learning. Here is the link to the Rules of Netball Examination:        

All new umpires will have a mentor present for majority of their first three games at Downey Park Netball Association.

The Umpire Rule Book:

This link is a PowerPoint made by Netball Queensland. I encourage all umpires to read through this PowerPoint before completing the QLD Beginner Umpire Workshop:

Umpire wages:





Junior Association


National C Badge



DPNA Beginner Umpire Workshop


All new umpires must attend one of these sessions. 
General Meeting #5 - Blind Tiger
Whole of Club End of Season Celebration Day
General Meeting #6 - Blind Tiger
Entire Calendar...
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