NetSetGo Umpires

NetSetGo Umpiring Policy

Previously there has been an option for parents to volunteer as umpire OR the team to source an experienced junior badged umpire which that team is responsible for paying. For the 2024 season teams are to confirm if they wish to have an umpire allocated to their team which they are responsible for paying each week at the appropriate rate according to the umpire’s badge level. These umpires will be sourced by the Umpire Convenor to ensure suitable umpires, at a Junior Badge minimum are allocated. To ensure continuity the same umpire will be allocated to the same team all season.

The Umpire Convenor will provide oversight and mentoring for the NSG club umpires each week and be available should any issues arise. 

Any further questions please contact the umpire convenor at

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