Umpire Mentors

Mentoring Umpires

To become an umpire mentor with The Gap Netball Club you must have had your Junior Association Badge for at least two years. You must have the confidence to direct and support new and experienced umpires. Mentors are there to train new umpires how to control netball games.

You must be available for the first 3 rounds of each Saturday. If you are interested in mentoring during the 2023 netball season please email the Umpire Convenor on

How to Mentor Guide: file:///C:/Users/iroga/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/Content.Outlook/7C8P2VSU/DPNA%20Ump%20Conv_How%20to%20Coach%20an%20Umpire_May%202019.pdf

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